The Process

Cook the Milk- Add Cultures- Incubate

Our yogurt is made is small batches as follows:

1) Our milk is placed into kettles and heated. There, the milk is held as a "batch" and the temperature of the milk is gently raised to approximately 175°F where it is heated for at least 30 minutes, this slow pasteurization at a lower temperature preserves the milk's natural qualities and flavor.

2) After heating, the cream-on-top milk is cooled down to 100°F, and our healthy and natural probiotic cultures are added, together with organic sugar and natural flavors. The mixture is then put into the yogurt cups with a small rotary filler.

3) Once filled, the cups are placed in an incubation room for several hours at 100˚ F. There, some of the cream rises to the top forming the upper cream layer, and the probiotic cultures (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus) cause the natural fermentation that thickens or "sets" the milk into yogurt in the cup. This natural Old-Word style process allows us to produce yogurt with no artificial preservatives, thickeners or stabilizers.

4) Once set, the yogurt is then refrigerated, boxed, and sent out for sale.

From start to finish, we pick up the milk and make it into yogurt in less than 12 hours. The following morning it is out the door and headed to your store.

The Creamery

Kettles- Filler- Incubation Room

One of the things that makes us unique, is that we produce all our yogurt in our own creamery. Our creamery is situated in Interlaken; yup, that's right between the two largest Finger Lakes, Cayuga and Seneca. Drive a mile in any direction and you can see one or both lakes.

Our creamery has a different set-up than the big boys. The first thing you'll notice are the three kettles in our creamery. One 100 gallon kettle and two 300 gallon kettles. In these kettles, our yogurt is made one small batch at a time. The second thing you notice is the lack of complex machinery. Our process is like our ingredient listing, simple. We heat the milk, add the cultures, and incubate it in the cup until it becomes cream-on-top yogurt.

We Three Kettles
Rack 'em up!
It's getting hot in here!
Boxing Day