Recent Feedback:

I've lost about 4 lbs since I switched from eating Ice cream to your your black cherry yogurt and I really wish I could get it more regularly!

-Mary (3/14)


I'd like to share with you a snack we've been enjoying almost every day since discovering your luscious yogurt.

Take a half cup of drained crushed pineapple and put it in a small bowl.

Put a few dollops of your vanilla on top (be sure to include some of the cream).

It is heavenly! Better than ice cream. We are addicted to it. We are so proud that this product is made in our state.

Keep up the good work!

-Diane G (3/14)


Discovered your yoghurt at Dashs, Buffalo. Love it.

-Steve S (2/14)


Just finished my first tub of black cherry - so GOOD - you've converted me from a Greek only yogurt-er, and I look forward to buying Ithaca Milk from now on! I want to try that water buffalo kind, too... Thanks!

-Cady (2/14)


I traveled to NY recently and discovered your Buffalo Yogurt and I was so excited! I love Yogurt and all things dairy but cannot ingest cow's milk. I discovered in my travels to India that they make ice cream from Buffalo milk and ate to my heart's desire

-Ashaki A (2/14)


Hi there! Just a note to say that I love your milk! Thank you for you care in making it.

-Nancy G (2/14)


Hi. I just wanted to tell you how much my family and I love your yogurt. I live in NYC and started using Farmshare. Through them, we received your yogurt and were amazed how tasty they are.

-Hiroko (1/14)


I'm not a big yoghurt fan, but I just had some of yours and it was creamy, buttery and not too sweet- in short- delicious.

Just wanted to let you know!

-Thom D J (1/14)


Hi folks.... Want to tell you that vast helpings of your yoghurt helped me get through a bout of pneumonia/antibiotics without any side effects from the meds. The doctor was astounded! And the yoghurt is delicious...

-Sidney R (1/14)