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Jersey Cow Farms

Our Jersey milk is produced in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY on three small farms, located within ten miles of the creamery. Each farm is less than 100 acres and milks a small number of animals, ~about 50 Jersey cows.
Jersey Cows are perfect for us because they are smaller and eat less, giving less milk with better components than other breeds. The special milk that Jersey cows make gives our yogurt and cream-on-top milk that rich, golden color.

Our farmers are committed to providing all their animals with the best living environments possible, becasue a happy, healthy cow gives healthy, higher quality milk. During the warm months the cows are kept out on pastures with specially planted grasses that provide them with all the natural nutrition they need without any artificial suppliments. When winter comes, and the pasture can no longer regrow at a sustainable rate, the cows are fed hay, harvested from nearby fields throughout the growing season, which keeps the cows well fed until spring.

Water Buffalo Farm

We also have our own herd of Water Buffalo, not to be confused with American Bison. The Water Buffalo provide a unique kind of milk, which is truely ideal for making our extra thick, greek style, cup set yogurt without the need for any additional straining.
Our herd is currently the largest in the US, but it is still a relatively small farm, with fewer than 100 animals.
The Water Buffalo are kept on pasture thoughtout the summer and fall, for over 150 days while the weather is warm and the grasses are growing in upstate New York. Through the cold months we purchase hay from farms down the road and continue to feed the Buffalo in the pastures when the temperatures allow the animals to go outside. When the temperatures are too low, we bring all the Buffalo into the barn, where their body heat can keep the temperature above 50 degrees all night long even when it is below 0 degrees outside.
You can learn more about the herd over at ithacawaterbuffalo.com

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